Ambasador Mak catalog 2014 – click on the link to download the catalog!

About the company:

We believe that a traveler to novel destinations is not only an explorer, but an ambassador of his own culture too. We expect our tourist to respect this role and to respond it to in a manner that will result in positive experience for all involved participants.

In a world that relies on experiential travel, it’s often hard to find the “nuggets” that are truly the hidden gems. Exploration helped us uncover often missed wonders, and create a map of the micro-universe of rare sites and true treasures dressed up in modesty, that we’ve discovered. Curious about what the locals have to say and show to travelers in places that are not used to be visited often, we now have a collection of impressions we want to share with explorers by heart. The Balkans is abundant of spots that are still spotless in terms of typical tourist destinations.

Culture and adventure
Culture and adventure

About the team:

A team of highly educated professionals experienced in local practices and armed with practical know-how and a wide network of local contacts, created the presented tours attentively, in attempt to provide most pleasant and memorable experience for each type of clients: travelers, explorers, ambassadors and tourists.



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