Balkan Cheese Tour 2014

I’m organizing The Balkan Cheese Tour from 10.10.2014 to 23.10.2014. The trip includes visits to the mountains and meadows where rare breeds are being revived to keep traditions alive. We will visit ancient food bazaars and meet with Balkan cheese-mongerʼs. Tour members will dialog with local cheese makers, herders and taste how these rare heirloom cheeses are incorporated into local cuisine.

Instruction and discussions regarding techniques behind artisan Balkan cheese will be offered. Each stop will include tastings and pairings with local wines, ciders and beers. Ample time is scheduled for enjoying the natural world that makes all of this possible.

Balkan food
Berovo region food – the least influenced part of the Balkan cuisine

While there are many similarities between different Balkan nationʼs cheeses, each region offers a distinct Terroir reflecting the specific milk qualities for their offerings. From hard Macedonian Kashkaval, to soft fresh cheeses such as Serbian Vurda, each destination on The Balkan Cheese Tour will offer participants unique insights as to how these rare offerings are made.

For more details about the trip please check out or request the brochure at


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