Not any story… History.





Skopje fountain (1)
Alexander the Great – warriors of the Phalanges unit – Fountain at Skopje Square.

Macedonian history is long and rich with dramatic happenings, sometimes glorious, sometimes brutal. The earliest archaeology findings are from the Neolithic period, the cult of the sun and the cult of the motherhood are noticed as most present in the culture, since then until nowadays (Macedonian flag is a representation of the Sun).

Statue of goddess - Ohrid museum
Statue of goddess – Ohrid museum

There were few Macedonian tribes with distinct culture, but the most glorious and well remembered was Alexander the Great, a Macedonian leader with cosmopolitan idea who conquered a great part of the world in the Early Antic period. After his sudden death, Macedonia was conquered (the first of many…) had a rich life as a Roman province, then became a warm mother of the Byzantine Empire accepting the Slavic tribes from the North, which became the main part of the population after St. Cyril and Metodie initiated the creating of Cyrillic alphabet and helped the Slavs accept the Orthodox Christianity.

Byzantine Orthodox Cathedral - in Ohrid
Byzantine Orthodox Cathedral – Built in IX century

After few rules and conqueries of medieval Balkan kings such as Samoil, Dushan, Marko and many more, the Ottoman Empire knocked on the door and settled for more than 5 centuries, which adds a lot of orient schmect in Macedonian culture. With the withdrawal of the Ottomans, the Balkan wars arouse and Macedonia suffered one of the greatest injustices in the modern history. Nowadays Macedonia, was part from The SCS Kingdom, was under Fascist occupation, was part of the resistance, part of Communist Yugoslavia and finally independent Republic of Macedonia all within one century!

Ohrid - Samuil's Fortress (10th century)
Ohrid – Samuil’s Fortress (10th century) guarding the city



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