10 reasons to visit the Balkans

There are at least 10 reasons to visit the Balkans:

1.You’ve never been here. And you don’t like the word never .

 local costumes

2.You’ve been here and you are a person who appreciates people and places that bring you joy.

3.You love to travel! It is who you are and who you ought to be in future.

4.You hate traveling. Places you visit, offer a house, not a home, a dish but not a lunch, a companion but not a friend. The Balkans is a place that makes you feel at home and people are keen to open their lives and hearts to visitors.

5.Because you want to surprise the person you love!

Statue of goddess - Ohrid museum

6.Because you want to travel alone.

7.Because someone talked you into traveling… And he did well.


8.Because you are a person who loves to have a good time.

9.Because you felt like going on a new adventure. And according to you one should do whatever he feels like.

10. Because… Put it in comment! or on http://experiencebalkans.com.mk/article/view/get-inspired-to-discover


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