All the ‘missy’ things

If I’m about to leave this world, the Earth, and never return to it… I’d hate the missed opportunities to visit all of the places in the world I’ve never visited yet. But most of all, I’d miss all the little corners of my country that I’ve visited time and time again inspired by their calmness or in order to share their beauty and wisdom with the guests that came to visit Macedonia.


I’d miss Ohrid, the brightest jewel of Macedonia, I’d miss the shine of Europe’s oldest lake and all of the little churches that have been keeping their sacral Byzantine mysteries for more than 10 centuries.

Ohrid Caneo

I’d miss Pelister, the peak 2190 m high, the endemic Molika forests below it and the lovely villages spread around the mountain slopes that will host you as an old friend.


I’d miss all of the noisy little waterfalls that the naughty mountain rivers form, and the stork nests in the valleys.


I’d miss the tasty food and the strong homemade spirits. I’d miss home, and home is where your soul feels it belongs.


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