A lecture I’d love to learn!

If I’m granted one wish, it would be to meet Mahatma Gandhi and to be able to understand how to influence the people in the world to understand that what each of us has is enough and that we need to accept who we are and do what we can in order to be happy and make our dearest happy in the present and in the future. I’d like to learn how to tell people that the wisdom is the true treasure and that it is the ultimate one should pursue in a lifetime. The simpler our life is, the closer we are to wisdom.

Wisdom is within us as one of the aspects of nature and one can find it inside as well as outside. The expression of wisdom trough random acts in daily life is a playground where one can inspire other people but also get inspired to become a better and wiser person.

When traveling, one can get into the state of mind where everything that happens is a sign with multilayered meanings or if simplified in words it can result with a universal wisdom.


When returning home one is richer and wiser and does not get upset or suffer because of common or everyday misfortunate events. It is because he has seen tougher situations, solved bigger problems and got to the best solution in far riskier situations. That one for sure is a calmer person who has the effect of assurance and tranquility for the others, and it is kind of contagious.

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