The Saint of Travel

If centuries from now I’m about to be named a patron or saint, I’d be Saint Lea the Traveler.

Travelling is not only moving from A to B, to the highest skies or to the bottom of the C. Traveling is first of all a journey of the soul.

In the past, when schools and universities where only a few and not available for everyone, a distinctly intelligent man was referred to as a “Traveled man”. It went together, the knowledge, wisdom and the travelling as an ultimate experience of gaining this two.

To travel is to let your mind be set by the big picture, become tolerant of all of the other ways of living a life and even enjoy some of them for a while. The getaway from your everyday life is like having a new parallel life, without losing anything in your regular life. But to travel everyday and any day, that is most certainly a different and a wild thing to do. Than, having an everyday life is a treat. Than you consider yourself a Person of Travel, and that is like being a professional in a profession where there are only a few, and the others are not able to recognize the value of it. It is like being a Person of Magic in your regular life.

It’s exotic and rewarding. It is a life to live!



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  1. Wondering where you are at this very moment.


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