The Taste of Macedonia

What would you like to do this May?

Perhaps discover loads of Slow Food branded gourmet leisure and gain deep insight in Macedonian culture?


14 days / 1 country / May 2014

This trip is for those who are tired of the fast-paced life and would rather forget the time and dive in the timeless beauties of a simple traditional lifestyle.


What makes Macedonia a perfect destination for this, besides the climate and the great number of interesting sites on very short distances, is the unspoiled taste of organic food and the inventive traditional cuisine which has been influenced ever once in a while by many many other national cuisines. The common word for a stew is „манџа“ – derived from the Italian verb “mangiare” (to eat) (Roman influence) and since BC until nowadays, there have been Northern, Mediteranean, Slav, Ottoman and many more secret spices and recipes to create one of the most diverse cuisines in Europe.


Comment: This trip is a long getaway

from the fast paced modern life into a

world of people so content by simplicity

and a rewarding insight in a fond

cultural wealth.

The highlights and activities will follow on separate posts, and the quotes depend on the number of participants.




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  1. seems delicious 🙂 !!


  2. Really yummy, I like balcanic food 🙂


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